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While there are a variety of apps for casual dating, serious dating and niche dating, one target group seems underrepresented—the BBW, curvy community! Plus size men and women (as well as their admirers) are a considerable percentage of the total singles population. Yet, you might not realize it from using popular apps like Tinder or Zoosk, because it seems like almost every ad is a skinny person wanting to date a similar body shape.

That’s why new IOS apps like Curvy BBW Dating are changing the game, matching up plus size women with their BBW admirers. Some of these men are also BBW, but many of them are young, fit, thin and in good shape. Many men admire a big beautiful woman when they’re dating, whether they prefer the body shape or simply have always found bigger girls to be smarter, more confident and more lovable than the alternative. The dating app is also available for Android, as it seeks to really bring the entire nationwide BBW and admirers community together, as a positive alternative to using other dating apps.

Dating Apps Make All the Difference

Some curvy women have difficulty using traditional dating sites, since they run into one of two negative scenarios. Either a man who is not attracted to their natural body shape or a man who fetishizes it, making the relationship mostly sexual rather than a serious emotional connection. Many women would rather not make body shape an issue at all and so would find it useful to browse other singles with a Curvy App so that they can quickly filter out men who don’t like BBWs, and save lots of time.

Doing so would also save plus size women plenty of stress. It may sting a woman’s confidence and sex-positive approach to life, when you have another person who discriminates against you solely because of peripherals like body shape. Some inconsiderate men may even fat-shame women which could sour the whole dating experience.

This has been the complaint of many curvy women who have tried to meet other singles using apps like Tinder or sites like Craigslist, only to find they waste a lot of time filtering out BBW-negative men after talking to them through text and finding out they’re not interested in dating anyone over 110 pounds! The Curvy App saves you both time and stress, allowing you to instantly chat with your admirers and men or women who are instantly attracted to you.

The app operates in a similar way to the Tinder layout, allowing you to browse between available partners and then either “swipe” pass them when you’re not interested or send them a text or icebreaker message if you like what you see. You can also check out their status message and get a quick incline of their personality to test compatibility.

Avoid the Drama, Embrace the Love!

There’s something refreshing about instantly finding dozens or even hundreds of local matches that are BBW positive! Now you can avoid all the shamers and haters and instead focus your search on people that actually like you for who you are!

Tinder and other old dating apps can’t provide for everyone’s needs anymore, not with the huge number of specific and niche apps available today.

Curvy women are becoming more popular, not only in Hollywood and in popular fashion, but even among men. Many men have realized that they get along better with bigger girls and feel even more attracted to them when things get physical. Why not give other singles who have already shown signs of compatibility a serious chance?

Not everyone is right for you, as Tinder continues to show us. It’s time to find Mr. Right but in the RIGHT place. Stop leaving things to chance and maximize your full dating potential by finding your ideal match UPFRONT! The Curvy Dating App is made for curvy people, curvy singles and BBWs and their admirers, so it may well be the best online dating experience you’ve ever had!